Threadless + Gap

The collaboration between Threadless and Gap exposed a new audience to the worldwide community of Threadless designers. In turn, it gave Threadless artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a new, physical retail venue.

We were able to bring Threadless artists from all over together to celebrate this new venture in this video, which I produced. I also managed the content strategy between partners.

Gap + Threadless T-shirts from on Vimeo.

Threadless + Redbox

We developed a concept for the world's first t-shirt vending machine. Delivered as a pop-up vending point in Chicago area malls, this collaboration with Redbox gave Threadless customers instant purchasing gratification.

Threadless Rebranding

The Threadless rebranding had to represent the evolution of a little startup t-shirt company to a worldwide design community. I developed a new tagline and we overhauled the entire site, from content strategy to back end programming.

Brand essence video

mssng peces and Threadless created this video for the launch, starring Threadless, shot at Threadless, and yep, even some vocals by Threadless.

Site overhaul

We retooled the navigation to be simpler, bolder, and more action-oriented. We created a feature slideshow above the fold and placed the brand essence video in a prominent spot so users would be drawn in to the Threadless story in a simple and fun way.

The entire content management was rethought, from search terms to stock tool. The side nav was simplified so users could easily find what they were looking for.

Ten years of disparate inventory was, for the first time concisely bucketed into simple product page dropdowns.

We created a page structure of headline-based header led by image-heavy navigation buckets, as shown here on the shop page.

Banner ads

We shifted advertising strategy from a sales focus to the core of the Threadless business: support of artists around the world.

Print ad

We commissioned longtime Threadless community member and artist Ray Fenwick to interpret Make Great Together. The ad ran in T-World Magazine.

Exterior of Threadless Headquarters

Creative Director: Sean Donohue
UX Director: Brock Rumer
Content Director: Colleen Wilson
Designers: Sean Donohue + Glenn Cochon
Threadless Headquarters Mural: Joe Suta
Year: 2011
Threadless Good Shirts

Good Shirts was a collaboration between UNICEF, BBH New York, Christine and Justin Gignac, and Threadless. The design on each shirt symbolized the type of aid UNICEF gave to the Horn of Africa. 100% went to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support life saving relief efforts for children.

I conducted the interview for the video piece and framed the story, as well as oversaw and produced the content for the partnership.

Good Shirts for the Horn of Africa from on Vimeo.

Illustrations by Christine and Justin Gignac.

Good Shirts Recognition

Cannes Lion Direct Silver
Bronze Clio
Bronze One Show Pencil for Design
Bronze One Show Pencil for Innovation in Advertising
One Show Merit for Brand Transformation
Threadless Promos

Holiday 2010 Sale, A Space Holiday

Every promo at Threadless is a chance to involve the entire community in a new event. Threadless employees and community members band together to make something great, unique, and usually weird.

Winter 2010 Sale, 10 Buck Tony

Creative Director: Sean Donohue
Content Director: Colleen Wilson
Designers: Glenn Cochon, Sean Donohue, Mig Reyes, Joe Van Wetering, Ross Zietz
Photographer: Sean Dorgan
Retoucher: Nikki Carlson
Videographer: Craig Shimala
Year: 2010
The Threadless Book

Editor and Contributor

Jake Nickell, the founder of Threadless, spilled his heart and guts onto the page for this ten year retrospective. I helped him do it.

Threadless Select Branding

Select is a premium line of clothing designed by the Threadless community and art directed by the Threadless creative department. We turned this, our first effort beyond the basic tee, into a hearty chunk of the Threadless business.

Creative Director: Sean Donohue
Content Director: Colleen Wilson
Designers: Sean Donohue, Ross Zietz
Photographer: Sean Dorgan
Videographer: Collin James Diederich
Music: Coupleskate
Year: 2010
Threadless App

With the Threadless app, we simplified a very community heavy site and turned it into a fun yet accessible set of features.

Users are led to either rate available Threadless designs posted in the community, or shop those products currently available.

A concise explanation of the ongoing Threadless design competition.

A sample scoring page.

A doodle pad game for drawing future t-shirt ideas and a game that turns your face into a wacky Threadless spokesperson.

Creative Director: Sean Donohue
UX Director: Brock Rumer
Content Director: Colleen Wilson
Designer: Glenn Cochon
Year: 2010
Threadless Mobile Site

We streamlined the Threadless site so the most relevant pieces fit on a mobile device.

Creative Director: Sean Donohue
UX Director: Brock Rumer
Content Director: Colleen Wilson
Designer: Glenn Cochon
Year: 2010
Threadless Redesign '09

In 2009 Threadless needed an updated user experience to accommodate additional weekly tee releases, multiple design challenges, new product lines and partnership features. It was also the first time a copywriter (me) had ever touched the site!

Creative Director: Sean Donohue
Content Director: Colleen Wilson
Designer: Sean Donohue
Year: 2009